The You Yangs Take Pride Of Place In An Exciting Group Showcase

‘You Yangs’ at Geelong’s Boom Gallery invites 10 contemporary artists to take a fresh look at the iconic landmark.

Although only 319 metres at their highest peak, the You Yangs dominate the greater Geelong landscape. The ‘big mountain in the middle of a plain’, as it can be translated, has long captivated creatives, locals and those passing through alike.

In late 2017, Geelong Gallery celebrated iconic landscape artist Fred Williams’ life-long fascination with the granite ridges. These commanding geological forms have again popped up on our radar, with another integral Geelong art institution, Boom Gallery, making them a focus of a vibrant new group exhibition.

Ten contemporary artists with a strong connection to the region have been invited to respond to the You Yangs. Andy Pye created his tension-exuding works in the Boom buildings after an extensive tour of the You Yangs National Park, his first visit since childhood. Inspired by Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu, Shelley McKenzie honed in on the canola and ‘persistence of yellow’ amid the landscape in her works (pictured above). Meanwhile, Ingrid Daniell channelled the magnetic pull of The Range and the threat of climate change. Our pal Jordy Kerwick also contributed two abstract paintings influenced by his sense of mysticism, joy (in driving past to visit family) and sadness (of the return journey) for the prominent landmark. Captivating art by Ren Inei, David Beaumont, Rohan Robinson, Cricket Saleh, Deb Fisher, and Natalie Anderson all convey equally intriguing intents and connections.

Only on for two more weeks, the show is well worth a trip to Geelong’s exciting art-and-design precinct. While you’re there, check out the latest designs from our faves Dowel Jones in the adjoining showroom, grab a great coffee, and peruse wonderful wares from local makers in the curated gallery store. Just try leaving empty handed!

You Yangs
Until April 24th
Boom Gallery
11 Rutland Street
Newtown, Victoria


This story was originally published on The Design Files, April 11th, 2019.

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